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Under 14 Girls.


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  1. tee

    im 12 and want to join a girls basketball team i’m not a professional or anything but i would love to be on the squad.

    1. Admin

      Tee, the Nottingham Wildcats cater for players of your age. We are currently training on a Tuesday evening from 6 to 8pm at the Nottingham Wildcats Arena, Greenwood Road, NG3 7EB. Come along on Tuesday and ask at reception for one of the Wildcats’ Coaches.

  2. connor scothern

    my name is connor scothern im 13 and from arnold i am trying hard to join a basketball team and would like to join the wildcats when do you train thanks

    1. Admin

      Connor, the Wildcats is a female club. But if you ring the Wildcats Arena on 01159150108 and ask for the contact details for Russ at Cobras he will be able to tell you more about that club. They train on a Monday evening at the Wildcats Arena and play games on Friday evening, again at the Arena. Regards, Chris Prior.

  3. Alice

    I am 10 and want to join a girls basketball team but I am not a professional player can I be on the squad

    1. Admin

      Alice, there are two opportunities to join the Wildcats. Saturday morning at 10-30am or Wednesday evening 5-30 to 7-00pm. Both sessions are at the Nottingham Wildcats Arena, Greenwood Road, Bakersfield. NG3 7EB. Just come along and ask for the Wildcats Coach. On Saturday it is Siobhan and Wednesday Ben. Regards, Chris Prior.

  4. Gabriel

    Hello i am French and I am 14. I love basketball. If you are interested in corresponding and talking abot this sport, please contact me Thanks

  5. Gabriel


    My name is Gabriel , I am 14. I live in France and i love basketball. If you are interested in corresponding and talking about basketball , send me a message. i would be a nice way for me to practise English.Thank you

  6. FILIP3 G-Q

    Hey, I am 14 years old and I would like to take basketball seriously and start playing for a club in Nottingham. If you could let me know when trials are on for my age and I would be more than happy to go and give it a go and give my all out there on the courts. Thank you

  7. Shay

    My cousin and I want to play basketball I am 14 on the 15th of April and my cousin is 14 in December

    1. Admin

      Shay, the Wildcats season is coming to a close. However, our summer training programme will begin in early May. Please contact me on c.prior2@btinternet.com towards the end of April and I will be able to give you the dates and times of the training. Chris Prior.

  8. Kim

    I love basketball I would love to play is there a club or tuition to make me get better I want to play basketball and I play it 4 my school

    1. Admin

      Kim, the Wildcats have basketball for all ages, beginning at 5 years of age. Please email me a contact telephone number and I will ring and give you more details. Regards, Chris Prior.

  9. Sam Thomason

    I would like to do basketball and I’m currently 13 but 14 on the 28th and I’ve played at my school before.


    1. Admin

      Sam, I will contact you on your email address.

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