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Under 14 Girls.


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  1. tee

    im 12 and want to join a girls basketball team i’m not a professional or anything but i would love to be on the squad.

  2. connor scothern

    my name is connor scothern im 13 and from arnold i am trying hard to join a basketball team and would like to join the wildcats when do you train thanks

  3. Alice

    I am 10 and want to join a girls basketball team but I am not a professional player can I be on the squad

  4. Gabriel

    Hello i am French and I am 14. I love basketball. If you are interested in corresponding and talking abot this sport, please contact me Thanks

  5. Gabriel


    My name is Gabriel , I am 14. I live in France and i love basketball. If you are interested in corresponding and talking about basketball , send me a message. i would be a nice way for me to practise English.Thank you

  6. FILIP3 G-Q

    Hey, I am 14 years old and I would like to take basketball seriously and start playing for a club in Nottingham. If you could let me know when trials are on for my age and I would be more than happy to go and give it a go and give my all out there on the courts. Thank you

  7. Shay

    My cousin and I want to play basketball I am 14 on the 15th of April and my cousin is 14 in December

    1. Admin

      Shay, the Wildcats season is coming to a close. However, our summer training programme will begin in early May. Please contact me on c.prior2@btinternet.com towards the end of April and I will be able to give you the dates and times of the training. Chris Prior.

  8. Kim

    I love basketball I would love to play is there a club or tuition to make me get better I want to play basketball and I play it 4 my school

    1. Admin

      Kim, the Wildcats have basketball for all ages, beginning at 5 years of age. Please email me a contact telephone number and I will ring and give you more details. Regards, Chris Prior.

  9. Sam Thomason

    I would like to do basketball and I’m currently 13 but 14 on the 28th and I’ve played at my school before.


    1. Admin

      Sam, I will contact you on your email address.

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