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WBBL Senior Women. – Nottingham Wildcats

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WBBL Senior Women.

Nottingham Wildcats who along with Sheffield Hatters were founder members of the Women’s National League in 1976 have now, along with 8 other clubs, moved to the WBBL.  The WBBL is an initiative between the BBL, Basketball England and the top 10 women’s clubs in the country.  It is only in its second year and has already made a huge impact on the basketball scene in the UK.  Teams are stronger, the media coverage is up, crowds have increased and most of the games are more competitive. It is hoped that as the league progresses teams will become semi-professional and then fully professional.


SEASON 2015-16.

4. Siobhan Prior. 176cm Guard.
5. Vicky Gray. 173cm Guard.
6. Melissa Diawakana. 170cm Guard.
7. Amber Stokes. 176cm Guard.
8. Lisa Greenaway. 165cm Guard.
9. Emma O’Donoghue. 170cm Guard.
10. Tea Charlton. 188cm Centre.
11. Andrea Vackova. 170cm Guard.
12. Ashley Harris. 185cm Forward
13. Hannah Shaw. 193cm Centre.
14. Jess Hurd. 185cm Forward.
15. Gillian Baird. 182cm Forward.

Coach: Dave Greenaway.
Assistant Coach: Carmen Reynolds.
Physiotherapist: Aaron Wharton.
Stretch & Conditioning Coach: Martino Franchi.


Role of Club Captain.


The Club Captain should be able to provide a link between the players and the Trust/club administration.


*          Someone all club members, playing and non-playing can contact and talk to about any issues they may have.

*          Attends club meetings and represents the views of players.

*          Provides a positive role model for all members.

*          Provides support and advice when needed by any players.

*          Encourages club members to be involved in any social or voluntary activity.

*          Welcomes new members to the club.

The club captain should be an excellent communicator, capable of seeking and representing the views of others.  She should have an in-depth knowledge of the club and as far as possible, the players.  It is preferable that the club captain has come through the junior ranks of the club, has played at the highest level and is able to demonstrate knowledge and experience of the path to excellence.

The club captain should set a good example, always be on time for training, meetings, matches, events etc.  She should find time to speak with players in the junior squads and let them know she is club captain. She should be positive and constructive in raising ideas/views.  She should be prepared to have a high profile in any publicity/promotional events associated with the club.


Prepared by the Board or Trustees.



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