Nottingham Wildcats again failed to get beyond the semi-final stage of the Final Four weekend when they lost to East Midlands rivals Loughborough Student Riders by 54pts to 66.

Loughborough, who went on to defeat Sheffield Hatters in the Final by 68pts to 63, started the game strongly creating an eighteen point lead by the end of the first quarter.  Although the Wildcats rallied during the second and third quarters, cutting the lead to 3pts on two occasions, their sluggish start came back to haunt them. 

Whilst it was a disappointing result for the Wildcats’ team and the wider Wildcats’ family, for the women’s game in the UK it helped create a first.  Season 2013/14 had four major titles on offer and a different team one each one, showing the true competitive nature of the league.  The Role of Honour is below:

  • Division One League Champions:  Sheffield Hatters.
  • Division One Play-off Champions:  Loughborough Student Riders.
  • National Cup Winners:  Team Northumbria.
  • Betty Codona Classic Winners: Nottingham Wildcats.

Each team and their supporters would clearly want their team to win all four trophies, but for the development of the women’s game in general, having more than one or two teams capable of winning has to be better.

The 2013/14 season has seen the top women’s clubs take more control of the structure of competitions and to their credit it has created a much more competitive environment.  With Leeds Carnegie and Brixton Topcats making it a ten team league next season and procedures being developed, to make the league a more commercial environment, things can only improve.   



  1. Stephen Baranowski

    Tough way to end the season, but there were a lot of positives along the way. Best of luck, going forward. I wish the organization and all the girls, good health, happiness and success, in the future.

    1. Chris

      Thanks Stephen. I hope Sam has fully recovered.

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