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Men’s Summer League 2016 – Nottingham Wildcats

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Men’s Summer League 2016

The Nottingham Men’s Summer League is back at the Nottingham Wildcats Arena. Once again it gives people the opportunity to continue playing basketball once the regular season has finished.

Games take place at the Nottingham Wildcats Arena on Monday nights between 8-10pm. It’s hassle free basketball as you only need turn up and play, we sort the rest!

Not part of a team already? No problem, create your own and enter into the Nottingham Summer League.

The first games tip off on Monday 18th April 2016. Games will take place every Monday until 25th July (excluding public holidays and dependant on number of entries).

Places for teams are limited, so complete the entry form and send it back to us alongside the entry fee of £10 to secure your teams place by 1st April 2016!

The top teams will be entered into the playoffs to determine the Summer League champions for 2016.


Nottingham Wildcats Arena
8 – 10 pm Mondays (depending on number of entries)
Tip off times – 8.10pm & 9.05pm
18th April -25th July 2016 (Excluding public holidays)


£10.00 per team registration fee

Ideally minimum of 10 players per team

£30.00 per team per match

This covers all costs associated with game (court hire, referees, table officials, administration).

General Rules

Two periods of 24 minutes running clock, until the last 30 seconds of the second half where the clock is stopped.

Overtime will last consist of a golden basket rule, in which the team that scores first wins the game. This will be started with a jump ball.

Teams are permitted 1 timeout per half (lasting 45 seconds). No timeouts after 5 minutes left in second half. No extra timeouts are given for OT.

Teams shoot 2 foul shots on the 10th team foul and all fouls after. Team fouls continue into OT.

*Teams cannot have more than 2 Registered Senior National League Players (EB and BBL) from the 2015-16 Season.

A team may start a game with 4 players. If a team has 4 players at the scheduled tip off time, they must start the game with a 5th player being added when they arrive.

If a team has less than 4 players five minutes after the scheduled tip off time, the game will be judged a walkover (20-0). However the teams may decide to play a non-competitive game.

Each player is disqualified after their 5th personal foul.

A technical foul will result in the opposing team receiving 2 foul shots and possession of the ball.

Halftime consists of a 1 minute break

Substitutions can take place on any dead ball situation by approaching the officials table.


Each team must register between 7 and 10 players.

All players must make sure they only play for their registered team, unless in exceptional circumstances.


Teams must play in numbered kit or numbered t-shirts.

Blow-out Rule

If there is a 15 point (or greater) margin with 30 seconds left in the game, the clock is not stopped.


*** Teams who do not show for or cancel games with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a financial penalty (game fees for both teams).***

League begins week commencing Monday 18th April – 25th July 2016 (excluding bank holidays)


Team Name: ____________________________

Contact Name: __________________________


Day Ph: ______________ Evening Ph: ______________

E-Mail Address: _______________________________________________

Captain: __________________________ Day Ph: ______________

Evening Ph: _____________

All information will be sent by email so please provide an address which you use regularly!

Entry Fee: £10 per team

Game Fee: £30 per team

If your team is not entered into the summer league your entry fee will be returned.

Make cheques payable to “Nottingham Wildcats Arena” and return with this form to:

Jez King (jez@nottinghambasketball.co.uk)
Nottingham Wildcats Arena
Greenwood Road

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